March 1, 2022

National Pancake Day at Bagelmania

Fox 5 Las Vegas


Alyssa: When you think of Siegel’s Bagelmania,you think one thing, right? Well we’re here to prove you wrong because today we are joined by Uncle G., Gary Haarklau from Bagelmania who’s making pancakes for national pancake day.

I mean, really, i thought you guys just did bagles. What do you guys will do there?

Uncle G: We do any everybody breakfast food that we imaginable with the breakfast and lunch. We do pancakes. We do breakfast specialties. We do blintzes, latkes, omelets, eggs. We’ve got over 30 varieties of bagels, so we’re pretty out there.

Alyssa: This one’s so good, and i love that they’re pink. So tell us how you’re celebrating national pancake pancake day.

Uncle G: What we’re doing is along with other pancakes, but our two signature of ours the maple DoughCro pancake with a DoughCro, which is a half croissant/half donut, Pinkbox doughnut.

Alyssa: They’re amazing.

Uncle G: And then the pink velvet, which is a velvet red velvet pancake

Alyssa: So you were telling me about this? Because i love a cronut and forget what you call that.

Uncle G: So this is a banana pancake, which we have a special ingredients. We use a banana flavored pancake, and then we put fresh bananas in there. Then we top it with our DoughCro, a maple porky face, and then we put bacon all over that, a little powdered sugar, and then you make maple syrup. Hot maple syrup on top of it. Award winning.

Alyssa: Pkay, now, how do you dress this up? Because I know compared to that you’re not serving it just like that. I know you guys do something else with this.

Uncle G: Of course we got to finish it up. we got to top it off. isn’t that a great pancake right there, and then we use some of our homemade in house cream cheese. Isn’t that awesome?

Alyssa: Now I’m feeling pretty insecure about my plain pancakes that I make at home.

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