January 12, 2024

World’s Best Eaters Going For Gold In Vegas Championship

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We’ve seen them tackle the meatballs. We’ve watched them annihilate the hot dogs. But now it’s bagels that the world’s top eaters are after. And they’re throwing down the championship challenge at one of the best bagel shops in Las Vegas.

Major League Eating announces the Siegel’s Bagelmania World Bagel Eating Championship.

Major League Eating (MLE) is the entity that oversees all professional eating contests. And they’re holding their annual bagel eating contest at Siegel’s Bagelmania in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 13, 2024. The event will take place at 11 a.m. at Siegel’s Bagelmania. Located at 252 Convention Center Drive in Las Vegas.

Last year’s championship was outrageously fun and fans from all over have looked forward to this year’s event in Vegas. Last year’s championship trophy went to Geoff Esper. Ranked #2 in top eaters in the world. He took the top prize at last year’s bagel-eating contest after eating a mind-blowing 17.75 bagels in eight minutes. And that’s including cream cheese on each one!

Siegel’s Bagelmania World Bagel Eating Championship honors National Bagel Day, held annually on January 15. And this year there will be a very big name in competitive eating fighting for that championship trophy.

Locals and tourists alike love Siegel’s Bagelmania. With their amazing New York style bagels served in a bakery that’s perfect for business and casual hangouts. The Las Vegas Review Journal has named Siegel’s the Best of Las Vegas several years in a row. It is also a very popular place where celebrities, influencers and other high-profile people often choose to meet.

With so much credibility, Siegel’s in Vegas is an obvious choice to host such a high-profile championship event. And it is expected to bring even more people in the doors this year. Because a big name in the world of competitive eating is going to be there.

Joey Jaws Chestnut is competing in this year event at Siegel’s. He is currently the #1-ranked competitive eater. And he’s being joined by other top-ranked names. Including Miki Sudo, Nick Wehry, and James Webb. Geoff Esper will also be returning. Which means the world’s top 5 names in competitive eating will all be vying for the same trophy and the same $10,000 cash prize.

Bottom line? Guests are going to see a heck of a great competition. They’ll also get free commemorative t-shirt when they attend, while supplies last. More information about the event is available at MajorLeagueEating.com.

– Wendy Rush, 96.3 KKLZ

The Siegel's Bagelmania World Bagel Eating Championship 2024 in Las Vegas
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