May 14, 2023

11 Great Spots for Brunch in Las Vegas

2 Food Trippers

Looking for the best brunch in Las Vegas? We’ve got you covered from bagels to dim sum.

Gone are the days when Las Vegas buffets were all the range.

Many of the city’s best restaurants are now located off the strip. The same can be said for the best Las Vegas brunch spots.

To clarify, buffets are still a thing for people who want to be gluttonous in sin city or to quell their hunger after a big night of partying or both. However, the rest of us can now eat the best meal of the day in Vegas without risking a food coma.

Our Picks for the Best Las Vegas Brunch Spots

A week was just long enough for us to explore Las Vegas’ sprawling brunch scene. We gladly skipped casino buffets but still ate it all from omelets to dim sum in neighborhoods like DTLV (Downtown Las Vegas) and Henderson. To us, this is the best way to eat brunch in Las Vegas.

We get that you may be staying on the strip and would need to take a taxi or Uber if you don’t have access to a car. However, we challenge you to leave your comfort zone and explore the Las Vegas brunch scene beyond the strip. Not only will you see new parts of the city, but you’ll also start your day with excellent food.

Whether you’re looking for a hangover cure or simply want to eat well, these are our favorite spots for brunch in Las Vegas:

Siegel’s Bagelmania

Not surprisingly based on its name, Siegel’s Bagelmania is a good spot to eat New York style bagels. Beyond the obvious, other popular options include blintzes, cinnamon challah french toast, noodle kugel, maple bacon banana pancakes and waffles. Sure, it’s a lot of carbs but you’ll need them after a night out in Vegas.

During our visit, we towed the line by ordering a bagel with a schmear as well as challah french toast. However, we abstained from ordering ‘pretty in pink pancakes’ since one of us has a thing against red (or, in this case, pink) velvet pancakes. These particular pancakes are topped with a donut, which he finds extra egregious.

Our challah french toast was big. Really big. But we added fruit for a healthy touch. Our bagel, while not amazing, was solid enough that we’d likely buy them by the dozen if they were available where we live.

If you eat brunch at Siegel’s Bagelmania, we say go for big plates like the aforementioned french toast plus fish platters, salami & eggs, matzo brei and blintzes. Not only are these dishes big enough to share, but they’re also ideal for curing hangover woes. And, of course, you should eat a bagel too.

Siegel’s Bagelmania is located at 252 Convention Center Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States.

Challah French Toast - Our Picks for the Best Las Vegas Brunch Spots - Siegel's Bagelmania (courtesy of 2 Food Trippers)
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